the bedroom - a sanctuary to rest, recharge, and relax

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your home and a place for sleeping and being intimate in many different ways. A thoughtful and well-designed bedroom promotes wellness, calm, and a space to enhance life balance and good health.

There are a number of key considerations to creating a sanctuary designed for all of the above, including types of furnishings, colors, and a design aesthetic that we make sure resonates with you. At Farr Interiors, we address your desires, needs, and different tastes and functionality for how you will use this room. 

bedroom design & decor

Creating your bedroom sanctuary includes furnishings, textures, colors, and a design aesthetic that will resonate with you

You should feel liberated when sharing your bedroom design wish list as the only person to keep happy is you. We will guide you through this process while discussing color psychology, lighting preferences, window treatments, new furniture, and what existing pieces you would like to incorporate.